Israeli Nazis

Speaking of right-wing extremists, this has caused some shock and amusement around the world. The idea of Jewish Nazis is perfect comedy fodder – in fact, it almost certainly has been used. Kurt Vonnegut’s book Mother Night has a black American Nazi. Read the book. Read Vonnegut generally. He’s good.

The impact of the story was diminished slightly by the fact that most of these Israeli Nazis were economic migrants of Russian origin, with only just enough Jewish blood to count as Jewish for migration purposes (of course, they would also have been Jewish enough for the original Nazis to have sent them off to a concentration camp).

But really, this shouldn’t diminish the shock that much. Do Slavic Nazis really make all that much more sense than Jewish ones? Hitler hated the Slavs. A lot of Russians seem ignorant of this. I tried telling my students in Moscow, and they wouldn’t believe me. “But he made a deal with Stalin!” one pleaded. #Sigh#


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