Most rubbish analogy of the week

As you know, I like to spend time occasionally on Yahoo! Answers. This is partly because I like to ask absurd questions and see the reaction (it’s not trolling if the question’s too absurd to be real). But I am also genuinely interested in people’s answers to more serious questions. So recently I asked if people what they understood bisexual to be and whether they would be happy to date a bisexual. Here is one of the answers:

bisexual is a person that is comfortable with both sexes in the bed. i dont roll that way. either you like donuts. or you like bananas. diseases spread quicker this way. sorry.

Ok, so it’s not entirely clear from the first sentence if she understands what bisexuality is supposed to be (maybe she thinks they have to be in the bed all at the same time), but let’s give her the benefit of the doubt. And she doesn’t roll that way—fair enough (rolling about is dangerous with so many people in the bed). And I’ll grant her that men who have passive sex with men are more likely to get HIV positive than men who only sleep with women. Statistically, in any case.

My favourite bit is the donut/banana analogy though: “Either you like donuts or you like bananas”. Not only is that not true of sexuality, it’s not even true of doughnuts and bananas!!!

It would be an interesting policy if supermarkets insisted you just stuck to one though. If you had to choose, which would it be?


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