Questions that annoy professionals

Often when I tell a non-linguist that I’m doing a PhD in linguistics, they ask me how many languages I speak. As it happens, I speak a fair few; but I don’t have to. In fact, none of them have much direct bearing on my research. It’s a bit like asking a zoologist how many pets they have.

So anyway, here are some more things you can say to professionals to annoy them:

1) So how many languages do you speak?
2) Yeah, I’ve noticed that people’s English is getting worse and worse nowadays.
3) So what is the difference between linguistics and literature?

1) So you do all that Freudian stuff?
2) Are you analysing me right now?

So what do you think my sign is?

I’ve had this pain in …

Evolutionary Biologists:
So do you really believe things just came about by random chance?

I’ve had this toothache…

I’ll add some more later.



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3 responses to “Questions that annoy professionals

  1. JD

    As a sub editor, I get a bit irritated when people ask me in emails not to judge them on their spelling/point out their spelling mistakes/correct their spelling etc.First, I don’t get pleasure from pointing out people’s mistakes to them – and even if I did, I’m not that rude; second, I don’t at all care how people spell things in their personal correspondence; and third, my job is about a lot more than spelling. Oh, and fourth, I make mistakes too.OK, rant over.

  2. Unfortunately, the meaning “speaker of several languages” is the older meaning of “linguist” – not to mention that it’s the professional title in the US government for people who speak another language and use it in their job, translating and what-not. Linguists (the other kind) should have stuck with philology. Of course, then people would ask if you have any really rare stamps…

  3. Computer Scientist:1)My Computer keeps crashing what should I do?2)I want a new computer and I need your advice.3)Can you format my computer?4)Can you get rid of spyware/virii of my computer?5)Can you teach me how to hack?6)I lost my hotmail password, can you hack it for me?7)so what do you do?8)I want an application that does everything, can you write it to me now? it shouldn’t take long.9)Its just a button to add!10)Can you hack me some porn sites?that’s what I can think of at the moment

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