Daily Mail piece about Stephen Gately is both predictable and bizarre

I find this piece from the Daily Mail about Stephen Gately’s death both predictable and bizarre. It’s predictable because I would never expect a Daily Mail columnist to do other than suggest being gay is a bad thing. It’s bizarre because it’s really unclear what they’re implying here.

Take the following quotes:

Whatever the cause of death is, it is not, by any yardstick, a natural one…

And I think if we are going to be honest, we would have to admit that the circumstances surrounding his death are more than a little sleazy.

After a night of clubbing, Cowles and Gately took a young Bulgarian man back to their apartment…

Cowles and Dochev went to the bedroom together while Stephen remained alone in the living room.

I don’t get it. Is leaving him alone supposed to have killed him…?

How about this:

A post-mortem revealed Stephen died from acute pulmonary oedema, a build-up of fluid on his lungs.

Gately’s family have always maintained that drugs were not involved in the singer’s death, but it has just been revealed that he at least smoked cannabis on the night he died.

So does cannabis cause pulmonary oedema? Is that what they’re implying?

But wait. Forget the cannabis. It’s getting married to a man that killed him:

Another real sadness about Gately’s death is that it strikes another blow to the happy-ever-after myth of civil partnerships.

Huh? Well yes. Inasmuch as death strikes a blow in general to the happy-ever-after myth of all relationships.

Read on:

Gay activists are always calling for tolerance and understanding about same-sex relationships, arguing that they are just the same as heterosexual marriages. Not everyone, they say, is like George Michael.

Of course, in many cases this may be true. Yet the recent death of Kevin McGee, the former husband of Little Britain star Matt Lucas, and now the dubious events of Gately’s last night raise troubling questions about what happened.

And then that’s it! The piece ends! What on earth are they trying to imply? What is the connection between civil partnerships and death? I just don’t get it.



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3 responses to “Daily Mail piece about Stephen Gately is both predictable and bizarre

  1. So if the Singh bloke is more or less successfully being sued for libel, surely this piece of filth that calls herself a human being should be sentenced to the deepest darkest depths of Azkaban for biased allegations that are provably not true. (Unlike, by the way, the allegations made by Singh, which are more or less provably true.) Also, the editor of the rag should probably be fired for gross incompetence for letting something like this through – but I suppose in some parts of British society, standards are a relative thing.R

  2. Actually I hadn't seen that, Penny. Though it's strikingly similar in tone to my post. That's kinda cool.

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