Angry walruses and cats

A lot of my recent posts seem to have been a bit irritable. I put that down to spending most of my day trying to write my thesis, which leaves me a bit stir-crazy and slightly frothing at the mouth. On the other hand, I get the feeling most blogs are a bit angry. What’s more, I have the word angry in the title of my blog (actually I first used the name for an ad hoc pub quiz team; I can’t remember if we won).

But I like to be nice sometimes too. In that spirit, and as Christmas is coming, here’s a picture of our cat:


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One response to “Angry walruses and cats

  1. Interesting point about the angry business. I suspect that most bloggers are frustrated at finding it difficult to get their voice heard in the Real World and turn to blogging instead because people don't tend to get up and walk away when you are talking or fall asleep (well, they probably do but you can't see them doing it).But it is certainly the case that we are generally only inspired to write about things we feel strongly about so I guess there is a tendency to rant or go on about how great our family/cat is.Cute cat.