A new start

For a while I’ve had a blog at garics.blogspot.com called The Hairy Nipple of the Angry Walrus. And for a while I’ve been tired of that name and have intended to change it. I’ve also gradually gained the impression that WordPress is a better host than Blogger. So I’ve decided to move here and abandon hairy nipples and angry walruses (in case you’re wondering, the name began as the name of a one-off pub quiz team I was in that won).

For the time being I’m going to call the blog Garic Gymro. For a very long time I’ve called myself Garik or Garic online. It started when I lived in Russia, where Gareth isn’t especially easy for the locals to pronounce. Garik, on the other hand, is a name sometimes used in that area, and widely recognised (though used mostly, I believe, in Armenia). More importantly, I like it. Garic is a more Welsh spelling, which I started using when I realised I wasn’t the only Garik online. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only Garic either. Garic Gymro is a reference to Gerallt Gymro, or Gerald of Wales, as he’s normally called in English. He was a Welsh-Norman clergyman and is now mainly famous for his Journey through Wales, which he published (well, whatever it is writers did in the twelfth century) in 1191.

This blog isn’t going to be about Wales especially. Like my last blog, of which it is really a rebranded continuation, it will discuss mainly language and humanism, the latter in the secular sense meant by the British Humanist Association, rather than in the sense of Renaissance humanism—although that might come up. So will religion, various philosophical topics, politics, science of many sorts, and maybe a few poems.

For the next few posts, however, it will probably read rather more like a travel blog. I recently got back from my honeymoon, which involved visiting twenty or so cities, towns and settlements in Europe. I’m not going to give detailed descriptions of every one, but a few thoughts and comments might be interesting. I may also say a bit about my wedding. In fact, I think I’ll make that the topic of my next post…



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4 responses to “A new start

  1. (1) Your link for Garic.blogspot does not work.
    (2) Why not migrate that site over here instead of making two sites?
    You site title back at Blogger can be changed easily.

  2. @sabio: Thanks for the heads up on the link. Now corrected. And you’re right: it makes sense to migrate my old posts. I’m certainly very well aware that my site title at blogger can be easily changed, but—as I said—I wanted to move to WordPress in any case, so this seemed as good an opportunity as any.

  3. By the way, I posted a little Index Post here for which has a few posts about blogging, especially on WordPress, which you may find helpful.

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