Where have I been?

I remember making a rash promise to post more on this blog and, in particular, to write a series of posts about my honeymoon. I haven’t done much of that for a while now. My excuse, as you would expect, is busyness. So what have I been busy with? Well, at the end of August I had my PhD viva, which went very well. I’m now officially Dr Garic Gymro. Then, a week later, at the beginning of September, I started a new job at the University of Stirling doing research on cultural evolution. This was only a six-month post, however, so I spent much of my spare time writing funding applications for research projects to do afterwards. Funding applications are awful. You have to put so much into them and they take so long to complete. And if you’re in academia, they’re something you have to do a lot. In the midst of these, however, I saw an ad for a postdoctoral research position in New York that was quite relevant to my research. This required only a one-page research proposal, and I wrote one pretty fast and sent it off. One three-hour skype interview later, I got the job. So we’re off to New York at the start of next month. Preparing for this has consumed much of my time. We’re off to London for our visa interviews tomorrow. I’ll try to write about that when we get back, then return to the honeymoon, and then, when we arrive in New York, start blogging about that. Maybe I’ll even do a post on viva advice.

Thank you for your patience…


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