Some films I would like to make (or see made)

Here are some fairly mainstream films I’d like to make if I had the money, or see made by someone else, please.

  • A film about Owain Glyndŵr that has high production values, but tries to represent the history fairly accurately, and isn’t embarrassing like Braveheart.
  • A better attempt than Antoine Fuqua’s at representing a historically plausible King Arthur. It doesn’t even have to be about King Arthur. I’d just like to see a really good film about fifth/sixth-century Britain.
  • An adaptation of His Dark Materials that doesn’t care about angry Christians.
  • A film about Ludwig Zamenhof.
  • A film about Nazis attacking earth from the dark side of the moon (oh, wait… that’s already being made!)
  • A remake of the Omen that makes it really ambiguous whether the boy is evil or the Dad is insane.
  • A really radical cut of Gangs of New York (it might work).
  • An original horror film (it’s been a little while).
  • A film about David Lloyd George.
  • A film whose tagline is: “Hope can hold you prisoner. Fear can set you free.”

Some films I don’t want to see:

  • Yet another Tim Burton movie made according to his own inimitable style.
  • Any remake of a good film just because the original was foreign.

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